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Sumac Powder

Net Weight : 280 gr
Manufacturer: Taksoo
SKU: 41067

Sumac is a common spice in many Middle Eastern countries and elsewhere in the world. It is added to dishes containing meat, vegetable, and rice, giving them a tart flavor. It has a cold and dry nature that is of use for people with choleric temperament in summer. Sumac can be paired with other spices like pimento, chili pepper, thyme, and caraway. It can be sprinkled on chicken and fish or used in seasoning and sauce mixes. Taksoo Sumac Powder comes in 280gm packaging for household uses.

Benefits: Sumac has many strong antimicrobial properties and as such should be used with meat. Sumac also aids in digesting a heavy meal like kebab. Because sumac is anti-cholesterol, it could be a perfect complement to kebab. Since kebab meat is fatty, sumac helps reduce its cholesterol and absorb the fat.


Instructions: Sumac powder is much like lime juice in function and is used as a souring agent.


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شماره پروانه بهداشت1021ظ15
وزن280 گرم
نوع بسته بندیظرف پت
ابعاد بسته بندی18*7
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